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We started with just one vehicle and a 5000 sq. ft warehouse. But we are glad to share that now we have storage facilities of area up to 40,000 sq. ft with over 12 Temperature controlled vehicles. Our Food Supply chain covers many channels including food distribution to retailers, and manufacturers, and caters to hotels, restaurants, takeaways, and events.
If you’re looking for the best food service company in Scotland for your business then Spiceway got you Covered. We cover a range of businesses such as caterers, manufacturers, and wholesalers. We cover 2500 products and cover a range of cuisines.


Vision & Mission

As an independent family-run food & soft drinks wholesale business, we offer a quality of service that is second to none, with members of our telesales team on hand to take your orders 6 days a week, along with 12 temperature-controlled vehicles on the road making deliveries and with a range of well over 2500 lines covering everything from fresh meat to frozen vegetables, ambient products, and non-food products.

With a vision to serve the best food distribution company in Scotland. If you have a product that you are looking for that is not listed in our product list, please do contact us. We have a wide supplier network that enables us to get the product you need.


Where We deliver?

Trusted Foodservice Distributor

We deliver Fresh brands and Products straight to you with the nation’s Top Pure Play Wholesale Food Distributors

Scotland’s Best Foodservice Supplier


Committed to delivering quality and value. Spiceway is the largest and most trusted food service distributor in Scotland.

We work with non-traditional grocery accounts whose needs don't match up with the pricing structures of specialist food service companies or standard wholesale grocery programs. Our warehouse, together with the variety of logistics and distribution services we offer, which start with truckloads, enables us to develop custom programs to meet the needs of our customers.

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